Equipment Hire

We encourage people to use the skills they have learned with us in practice. Our hire service is available for day trips, expeditions and for half days. If you have been on a course with us and want to practice without a guide/coach, we will facilitate this when appropriate.

We hire kit to other guides/coaches. Get in touch if you are in need of boat hire.

Equipment Hire Prices

Equipment Cost per Day Cost per additional day Cost per Week
Kayak & Paddle £25 £15 £130
Paddle Suit* £5 £5 £20

* includes BA and spray deck

Equipment Hire Terms & Conditions

Our hire service is aimed at people who have substantial kayaking experience. We won't hire any of our equipment to users who cannot provide proof of previous experience or qualifications. If you have no experience but would like to hire equipment in future, we recommend that you take a look at our introduction courses. We can then offer further training and options to facilitate your plans.

We intend this service to be for the use of clubs, other guides and coaches working in the industry and for clients with whom we have previously paddled with and are confident in their ability to plan and coordinate safe trips.

If you are not an existing client and are not affiliated to a recognised club, we may require you to spend one day minimum with us before hire to ensure your suitability. The intro day is not a prerequisite of hire and hire may be refused on conclusion of such a day. Alternatively if you can produce evidence of having attended a minimum of BCU 4 Star Sea training we will be happy to consider you for hire.

We have strict hire conditions for a number of reasons. Whilst striving to promote independent kayaking, we want to ensure maximum safety while on the water. Our kit is of the highest standard and we want to be sure it's in the right hands 100% of the time. A lack of basic knowledge can lead to big problems on the sea, to avoid this we check individual qualification and experience thoroughly.

Prior to hire we need to see the following:

  • A detailed route plan
  • An appropriate weather forecast
  • An appropriate swell forecast
  • Details of tides, streams and currents where appropriate
  • A copy of relevant qualification(s)