Accommodated Trips

These trips run from a base, sometimes a hostel, campsite, hotel or self catering accommodation. We select an option which best suits the location and the feel we want from a trip. If wild camping is not your thing but longer trips are what your after, then a trip with accommodation is perfect. All of our accommodated trips are fully catered with an imaginative and delicious menu.

4 Day Improver - Stonehaven

Price: £620pp

Where: Stonehaven

When: spring to early summer

Highlights: seabirds, comfortable accommodation, a delicious menu and caves

This 4 day, 3 night trip is based just south of Stonehaven. We'll explore the coast line north and south, discovering hidden caves, deep fissures in the rock and perhaps a surf at the beach in Stonehaven. We run 2 trips here per year, both in the spring giving us the best chance to see the thousands of nesting birds that call the cliffs here home for a few months. We hope to see Puffins, Razor Bills, Guillemots and many more. Enjoy the wildness of this coast line while staying in comfort at one of our small self catering cottages. All meals from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 4 are included. Join us on this trip if you have already done 2 or more days in a sea kayak.

What's Included: all kayaking equipment, guide at 1:4 ratio, tea and coffee, trip photographs, all meals from lunch day 1 to lunch day 4, shared accommodation

Not Included: transportation to and from start point

Outer Hebrides Expedition

Price: £810pp

Where: weather dependent

When: summer (August)

Highlights: diverse wildlife, caves, stacks, arches, moderate water & island camping

The Outer Hebrides are like no where else. From miles of golden sand to miles of uninterrupted cliffs, Lewis, Harris, the Uists and Barra have it all. We plan to base camp at a serviced camp site but if the weather is right we'll head out on expedition for a few nights. The remoteness and timeless feel of the "Islands on the Edge" create a superb kayaking experience. We'll fish from our kayaks, scavenge for mussels and barter for fresh fish from the fishing boats. Around every corner there is a new, awesome surprise waiting to blow your socks off.

We leave the locations of this trip till last minute to make the most of the prevailing weather and the state of the tide.

What's Included: all kayaking equipment, guide at 1:4 ratio, fully catered, trip photographs

Not Included: transportation, camping equipment